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lucky’s success in p&i shanghai 2017
date:2017-07-28 source:
    on july 13th, 2017, lucky film co., ltd. joined the p&i (photo & image) shanghai 2017, which has developed into one of the most famous brand exhibitions covering imaging input and output devices and industrial chain service in asia-pacific area and even in the global scale. there were about 200 companies participated in this exhibition.
    lucky film carried “professional printingenvironmental solution”, silver paper, inkjet printing paper to take part in the p&i shanghai 2017. in the exhibition, lucky’s world-leading “professional printing environmental solution” was one of the highlights, and a simple model of “printing environmental regeneration system” was built to show the working principle of environmental workshop which aroused great responses. meanwhile, lucky film launched an inkjet printing paper exhibition pavilion, in which several sets of well-made product series fully presented the more colorful, more natural and smoother image of inkjet printing. the fully presented image also confirmed the maturing market of lucky’s inkjet printing paper.
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