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lucky film has raised 600 million rmb by directed additional, overweighting lithium photovoltaic ind
date:2016-06-01 source:
    on may 20, 2015, lucky film co., ltd. (hereinafter called lucky film) publicly disclosed the announcement of non-public stock result and capital stock changing about lucky film, marking a successful close about lucky film’s non-public stock in the a shares.
    lucky film raised 600 million rmb by non-public stock, and all the money will be fully used in the building of high performance barrier film project and expanding of the exiting solar module backsheet project. the four key inner layer components will all be self-supporting domestically after lucky high performance lithium battery barrier film putting into production.
    as a microcosm of the strategy transformation for china lucky in recent years, a group of new materials represented by lithium battery barrier film have been successfully developed.
    china is the world's leading producer of lithium battery and exporting and consuming country, lithium battery accounted for more than 30% of the global market share. the barrier film is one of the four key inner components of lithium batteries, and is the only one with no domestic completely self-sufficient in the key raw materials.
    the successful development of china lucky for electric vehicle battery in the field of high performance lithium battery barrier film to fill the gaps in china's emerging industries of strategic importance in the field of new energy materials, will change the situation of long-term dependence on imports for the current high performance lithium battery barrier film and strongly lift the market competitive ability of the high performance battery in our country.
    at present, china lucky has become the space technology application industry of the china aerospace science and technology corporation, especially the core professional company in the field of new materials. the a-share market issuance for lucky film is another leap for china lucky in the field of new materials, leveraging the capital market to accelerate enterprise development. china lucky has been recognized in successful strategic transformation by the public especially the capital market.
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